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It is the mission of the HappiApp foundation to minimize the impact of being HIV infected in the patient's’ daily life. 

By creating smart E-health solutions like the Happi App, HIV-infected
patients will be stimulated to take more control over their disease. This will enable them to
partner more with healthcare professionals in optimal HIV-management.

Guido van den Berk

Infectious diseases physician OLVG
Chairman HappiApp foundation

The patient in maximum control of his or her health. Happi helps realizing health outcome
goals set by HIV - infected patients and their caregivers. My ambition is to make Happi
accessible to as many patients as possible to improve their quality of care and therefore their
quality of life.

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Joop Arends

Associated professor, infectious diseases physician
Founder HappiApp
Secretary / chaimerlain HappiApp foundation

The best care for the patient! That is my ambition and also the common theme in my
career. I therefore initiated the development of Happi 2 years ago which has been
proven a huge success. Using currently available and future possible technologies in healthcare will lead to better care for HIV-infected patients.

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Jeroen van Hoek

Supervisory board

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Otto Asselbergs

Supervisory board

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Remco Vlemmix

Supervisory board

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Happi in the media

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ViiV - Happi app

Publication about several Dutch E-health initiatives in the field of internal medicine. The Happi App is also discussed (in Dutch).

Happi platform

Absolute privacy

There is still a taboo on HIV which results in patients hiding their disease from the public
eye. It is therefore mandatory to respect patients privacy and that will be the default for all
our decisions and actions similar to how we have operated with Happi 1.

Encrypted anonymized dataplatform

In the app there will be clearly explained for what patient data will be used. Thereafter, a clear consent of the patient will be asked.
Data-exchange will be done through an optimally encrypted and secured connection.

Research for improvement of care

The Happi data platform will contain aggregated and (pseudo)anonimyzed data that will be used to optimise future care for HIV-infected patients. Data itself will never be shared but interested parties can file a request for analysis on the data by the HappiApp foundation.

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